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Feb. 2nd, 2007 | 11:41 pm
posted by: enjoy_mio in guitar_passion

I have a Toneworks AX1500G multiefects pedal, which is what i use basically for everything. Wanting to expand my rig a bit more and learn about effects in general, i managed to acquire a Boss OD-20 which is a fantastic distortion pedal (though i can squeeze out some insane tone from my Toneworks...) with the current set up, i use the Toneworks for the modulation effects and EQ and the OD-20 for the distorted tone, and then through a Dunlop Wah.

so... Would a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin be worth having in my rig? Will it do me good cuz i've heard tons of good things about both products and i'm torn between letting go of the OD 20, and having such a small distortion palette as compared to the Boss.

Decisions, decisions... thanks in advanced!

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